School Policies



MakeUp Policies

As of August 1, 2016


Areté Art Academy does not offer make-up for group classes, except when a class is cancelled by the school due to inclement weather or instructor’s absence. A makeup session will then be scheduled at the end of each term.

Students who enrolled in a group class with multiple sections, such as ART: Ages 4-5, may attend another section of the class as a makeup, with the permission of the instructor.  Please call the main office for availability and schedule.




  1. Call the office at 201-205-1121 as soon as you find out that you have to cancel an upcoming lesson
  2. Fill out an “Absence Request Form” on our Website
  3. Please DO NOT EMAIL or TEXT for cancellation. They will be considered No Show.



At the end of each semester, Areté Art Academy reserves a week for makeup lessons. If a lesson was canceled by the instructor or by the school, on a snow day for example, a makeup lesson will be scheduled automatically at the regular lesson time/day during the Makeup Week.


EARLY CANCELLATION (16-week semester package)

If cancellations are made with 24-hour notice, students may receive up to three makeup lessons per semester. All makeup must be scheduled and used before the end of each semester.

EARLY CANCELLATION (4-week or 8-week packages)

If cancellations are made with 24-hour notice, students may receive up to one makeup lesson per package.



All makeup lessons must be scheduled and completed before the end of each semester. When there is more than one makeup needed, please schedule them as soon as possible during the semester. Makeup lessons CANNOT be rescheduled and there will be no makeup if you cancel it.



We understand that unforeseen circumstances do occur, however each art class requires a lot of prep and setup time from the instructor. If a student must cancel a class and cannot provide more than 24-hour notice, the Academy will not be able to provide a make-up session, refund or credit.