Art Therapy

One-on-one Lessons:

 Art invites teens to create order and structure during a period of changes and transition. This class is designed to acknowledge the unique experiences and perspectives of each individual through visual representation (art-making), reflections (journaling) and group discussions (sharing).

Students will engage in art therapy-based projects designed to improve on skills such as self-awareness, self-esteem, and connecting with others. Students will have the opportunity to utilize the metaphors and themes in their artwork to express feelings, explore conflicts, and embrace their strengths.

Private Group Lessons: Students may form their own private group classes with a maximum of three students per class. Please see the office for schedule and availability.


 2019-20 School Year

Fall Semester

         Session I: Sep – Nov (8 classes)

         Session II: Nov – Jan (8 classes)

Spring Semester

         Session I: Jan – Mar  (8 classes)

         Session II: Apr – June(8 classes)


         8-week Program (8 classes)

         Semester Program (16 classes)

Class Themes 

-The Language of Art
-Expressive Arts Workshop
-Art therapy Workshop
-Freedom to Express Me

Media & Techniques

Our theme-based curricula allow students to explore various media and techniques, which may include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, and more.